My Secret Escape

Reflected in the water Of the tear from my eye Shines your constellation Newly born in the sky. So easily seen as a beacon Of hope springing bright And eternal; your promise, My guiding light. Celestial ‘join the dots’ Create your shape The proof that you are My secret escape. Wherever you are your light… Read More My Secret Escape

It Will Be Ok

I don’t need a list Or a set of bullet points To number all the Many ways In which I am broken I just need to a word A reminder A smile Or proof That it doesn’t matter That it’s all ok It will be ok Won’t it? © Kris Blackburn 10/09/16

Of a Love

Your journal you shared Had the hallmarks Of a love that I once had The same passion Distraction Disruption Destruction But the only difference Is that you kept yours And I lost mine Forever And all it made me think Amongst the memories The remainders The reminders Is how sorry I am for you. ©… Read More Of a Love