Ergo a Ogre

Once upon a time there lived an ogre named Ergo. Palindromic jokes not withstanding, when he watched TV he was noted to shout bizarre statements: while watching Formula 1 he shouted “Race fast safe car”; when watching medical dramas he called “Nurse I spy gypsies, run!”; when watching cookery shows he exclaimed “Go hang a… Read More Ergo a Ogre

Aladdiner – Part 2

The morning sun broke through the clouds and sent rays of light dancing across the floor of Georgi’s room, the delicate, golden tongues licking her awake. Like fingers they probed her skin, caressing and stroking as she stirred. She grunted and shuffled over to the shade. She was spent. The exertion of last night’s filthy feast had taken… Read More Aladdiner – Part 2