On Reflecting on Events that Happened

The hardest days for you

Have been and gone and I know

They happened, for that is true

And the wounds they still show
If not by scar upon your skin

Or flesh (oh flesh I’m slave to thee)

But on your soul deep down within

And resonates and calls to me.
You called me too one night

And we spoke through drink

And loosened tongue despite

Not the wherewithal to think
Oh devils drink you slave to thee

But what was free and spoken

And shown, physically to see

A soul all cold and broken
And lost, and on the morrow

Past the night I would not see end

You became so filled with sorrow

And I’m not sure if you’re my friend
But hear me now I plead with thee

I speak true and loud and just for you

Dropping down to my knee

Winded, out of breath as I always do
When in the dark I see your face

Like a heron with wings unfurled

Passing over this barren place

Potential: you could be my world
We are both the same, you and I

Lost and lonely, all alone

The only sound we make; a sigh

We bring forth from skin and bone.
I want you to smile the way I cannot

And sing the way you know how to

The way that you but not I forgot

The way you know that you want to.
I need not be the one to make you smile

And you won’t be the one to bring

That emotion to my face meanwhile

I’ll be learning how to sing.
© Kris Blackburn 28/09/2017


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