Of a Love

Your journal you shared Had the hallmarks Of a love that I once had The same passion Distraction Disruption Destruction But the only difference Is that you kept yours And I lost mine Forever And all it made me think Amongst the memories The remainders The reminders Is how sorry I am for you. ©… Read More Of a Love


Tired and troubled My legs rest Weak and weary I lay myself down I give of what I have To ensure in the end That you get what you need You get what you want For what reason you came here To me. What you ask of me You shall receive. © Kris Blackburn 13/08/2016

Moving On

Little lights are blinking Like fireflies That are thinking About all the lies That you spoke to me When before I thought You were using me Just before I caught What was not to be Until you and I Moved on to see Moved on to try The best we could do You to somewhere… Read More Moving On