Song of the Skylark

I am reminded of the song

That remains not overlong

A way to find itself it’s nest

The place where it can find its rest.
The hymn to welcome in the day

Night is none too far away

The ballad through the afternoon

Keeps away the creeping gloom.
As the lark finds and settles down

The family in the nest of brown

I am reminded of what you and I

Could have had but did not try.
This bird knows where it belongs

Which you can hear in each it’s songs

I have no songs, or singing to do

For I should have built my home with you.

© Kris Blackburn 09/05/2016


12 thoughts on “Song of the Skylark

      1. anyone can right free verse garbage and call it poetry. some can rhyme. but few can do it unexpectedly and beautifully like you can.

      2. 🙄 i’m calling mine garbage. you might try some here and there…but this poem is really you.

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