You say that you hate what you see

When you look into your mirror,

Someone you find unattractive

And different from whom you ought to be

And this makes me sad, 

With all my desperate longing,

So I

Turned my eyes into brand new mirrors

Just for you

So that you could look at yourself

The way I look at you

And see what I see:

A woman of delirium inducing beauty,

A woman so strong, tough,

But frightened and pure.

As you stared and looked in wonder

At what was reflected in my eyes

I took the time and chance to look

Deep back into yours to see what was

Reflected therein.

And so it was

Just as when you looked into mine

And didn’t recognise what you saw

So did I see someone

That I’ve never seen before.

Alas it was not me,

Not I reflected in those eyes

Swimming serenely in that iris,

That sea of richest brown,

A colour so devestatingly deep

That only angels can speak of it

And do justice with their words

And songs and symphonies



I know:

It was not me I failed to recognise

But someone else entirely.

© Kris Blackburn 19/04/2016


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