Sunset Eulogy

Orange streaks across the sky

Split the clouds to make them cry

With drops that fall and splash around

A torrent here, expressive sound.
The end of day, the time to go

And sleep and dream of what we know

And wish and hope instead to find

Outside of mind not so confined.
My dear, my sweet, oh how you seem

So radiant and not part of a dream

Yet when the sun sets down at night

You are all I need for light.
You match the beauty of the sky

With face so tender to my eye

A smile that I cannot explain

A task I undertook in vain.
I watch the last few rays of light

Dip down in servitude to night

Enslaved by rhythm relentless, quite

The metaphor for this, so right.
Smile away my dear, and still be you

This one I hope to stay near to

This one whose lips I wish to kiss

And eulogise and share our bliss.
© Kris Blackburn 13/04/16


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