You say that you hate what you see When you look into your mirror, Someone you find unattractive And different from whom you ought to be And this makes me sad,  With all my desperate longing, So I Turned my eyes into brand new mirrors Just for you So that you could look at yourself… Read More Mirrors

Sunset Eulogy

Orange streaks across the sky Split the clouds to make them cry With drops that fall and splash around A torrent here, expressive sound. The end of day, the time to go And sleep and dream of what we know And wish and hope instead to find Outside of mind not so confined. My dear,… Read More Sunset Eulogy


Often I tell myself That I know exactly What it is that I want But lately I’ve been Wondering Questioning As I’m not entirely sure. Funny how you can be Quite ok with the way things are Until you meet someone Who gets you Wondering Questioning Until you can’t even know Your own mind Or… Read More Wonderment

The Road

So the journey begins The road is long and winding Ups and downs and Peaks and troughs But we will get there Neither of us the driver Passengers both Carried along, all the way By the road It will be long, it will be tough But it’s ok I’ve brought a paperback To keep me… Read More The Road