Of Expressionless Indifference

Sort of strange how a blog of sorts

Exists just to express my thoughts

Is born and breeds and becomes thus:

Memoirs of a growing lust.


For you that read would you agree,

That if you knew these words from me

Were here because my thoughts of you

Seeded here and then they grew?


So what is here in prose and verse

Is looked upon as something worse

Than to sit back and take a stance

Of expressionless indifference?


For I claim not to know what or how

A woman looks upon this now,

With eyes that fawn at this romance

Or curl away from an advance?


Is it wrong for man to write down lines

That speak his mind like such a crime?

Is this what we as people reject

When once was seen as high respect?


Or do some, most, see what truly is

When reading line of sweetest this

The only way I can express

What I feel within my chest?


© Kris Blackburn 06/03/16


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