Day One

A first for me

To feel such spark

When intent to not

Just falls apart,

When eyes are told to stay fixed ahead

But then again I find instead

That without my want

Or gained permission

They looked around a lot

Like they were searching for you

Knowing that you

Would lock with them

And then

I remember not much else

As minutes became hours

Became days became weeks

Became months

And I remember only now what I know

Is that my eyes didn’t lie

When the synapses flared

And the neurons fired

And my brain spoke thus to my heart

And regaled what they had seen

To this day from day one,

The first day, the first of many

When I would look and our eyes lock

And the same happens now as it did then

Without all intent

Pressed right against

My better sense

Of judgement.

We talk of course,


Both well versed,

But we discuss not day one

And what had become

Of the infatuation

Yet I vex

As I read subtext

And I hope that this day one

Somehow, someway

Becomes one day.


© Kris Blackburn 06/03/16



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