Of the Moon

I listen to the sounds Of the moon And Antarctica With a dawning Realisation That two places Seemingly so disparate By geography Alone Can be one and the same So empty, so desolate Inhospitable Cold But at the right time In the right way Under the right Circumstances They can be warm, Achingly beautiful And… Read More Of the Moon

Glacial Pace

As the clock ticks While I watch, The seconds drift away Creeping slowly, Desperately Closer, Nearer and nearer As I move towards What I hope Will be The time when things improve. Increment by increment Glacial pace, But I’ll get there, And you await With open arms. © Kris Blackburn 30/03/16

Come Here

Come here, my dear And fall into my arms Let me soothe what ails you And keep you safe from harm. Come here, my dear And let me hold you tight Let me softly touch your skin So gentle through the night. Come here, my dear My lips await your kiss Let me taste forever… Read More Come Here


You may act like you don’t care With words or just a stare Or the way you laugh Or shake your head Yet better still You may show you care By a kiss delivered quite By accident By words you speak When otherwise they should not have been And it’s fine if these words or… Read More Communicate