Smile All Day

Tomorrow I know I’ll look at you

And you will smile to make me smile

And I will smile and look at you

Which will bewitch and will beguile

And so it will be for the day

That every time I look your way

I’ll try to catch a glimpse of you,

To see your eyes that dart around

And light the room without a sound.

Yet all the while I think of this

And see your face amongst the rest

I try to think of things to write

And things to say if there were

Another time, another way,

But you my dear, still smile away

And light the room and all within

Cherubic silence, sounds and singing,

To bring up thoughts of life at play

That make me smile and softly pray

But all I really want to say

Is that you brighten up my day.
© Kris Blackburn 04/02/2016


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