Winter’s Disappointment

The universe exploded

And I stand here in the cold

All that glitters is goaded

And certainly is not gold.
Floating down to lie around

They are heaven’s frozen tears

Only white, I see no ground:

It’s been this way for all years.
A blanket to cover all

The streets and the trees, the same

Today, yesterday, the fall,

A disappointment: my name.
The flakes they fall, oh so pure,

So clean, perfect, a disguise,

I look at you, I’m not sure

What I’m seeing in your eyes.
I’ll stand as the stars collapse

All around with outstretched arms

Lifted head to sky perhaps

Sprinkled with the glowing charms.
Imagine: it never stops;

But what a charade, a lie!

No more stars than water drops

Rejected from up on high.
In truth an image perfect

A man alone, cold and thin

Like another sad reject

All falling down around him.
© Kris Blackburn 17/01/2016


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