To a Thought

If my eyes were just the only things

That decide the sight that light brings

Then my mind would realise

There’s more than this behind your eyes.
I want to know but never will

What at most gives you a thrill

And I would, when our eyes meet,

Lay rose petals at your feet.


I’d stroke your hair of luscious brown

I’d craft from silk a darling gown

I’d do much more I think, I know,

If I could watch your smile glow.
I could then start to realise

That what is shown to these my eyes

Is what I longed for all along

And breaks the birds out into song.


Oh what is this cacophony

If not delightful symphony?

It is your voice, your laugh, my dear

Music caressing my ear.


And all at once with sudden force

The day it takes us on this course

Like river raging, fast and wild

I wish us to be calm and mild.


So who is this I write about?

Someone I long for still no doubt

And it is true and she knows naught

And I contain this to a thought.


© Kris Blackburn 11/01/2016


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