Myths of Obedience

I’m trying to find those stories of old

When the people did just as they were told

When all was good and so were we

There were no slaves and all were free.


One hand a hammer, the other a gun

Your right eye sees the moon, your left the sun

Behind you problems you have left;

The consequences wait with deft.


Venus rises, discipline creeps ahead;

Mars is sinking, obedience is dead.

Confined to myths of love and war:

No one behaving anymore.


Here, the lowly sparrow defeats the snake,

The rain will fall to flood the quiet lake

Harpies and dragons lost in time

Like Shakespeare’s long forgotten rhyme.


The chorus clearly chimes in with the Greek

The Egyptians hide and the Romans seek

They get along and play so well

Later our obedience fell.


I speak attuned to these myths and write them

Stories of obedience amongst men,

Where did it go, what will become

When we’ve destroyed what we have done?


© Kris Blackburn 17/02/2002


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