Oceanic Gospel

Sea creatures are varied in appearance and personality. Some of the fish are correctional, some are not. Some are not fish at all but mammals. Some even are crustaceans. Such a wide variety of animals in the sea, and all are as exciting as the last. The most exciting two of whom I was ever made aware were two who were very good friends: Katie the Banded Stingaree, and Deirdre the Cuttlefish.

            Together they habited a small patch of sea where they helped each other catch food, and whittled away the day listening to Rosie and the Goldbug. Occasionally their friend Ethan the Pelican Eel would swish by to show off his enormous mouth, and Ant the Bowmouth Guitarfish, who despite his desire to play the guitar, could not quite manage the feat, seeing as he was a fish without fingers, which while meaning that he could not play stringed musical instruments had the converse bonus of not having them served with beans and chips for a child’s evening sustenance. Ethan didn’t come by often as he was decidedly annoying and a little slow due to his enormous mouth, but possessed a distinctive artistic flair evidenced by his creation of stop-motion Claymation videos, a trait unfamiliarly linked to the eurypharynx genus.

            Most of the time however, it was just Katie and Deirdre. Yesterday brought an interesting day to our two spotlighted creatures. They had heard a rumour along the current that something above ways was making its way down to the sea bed. Katie and Deirdre were pretty unfazed, and they continued doing what they usually did: combing each other’s hair and drinking the sea water while listening to Rosie and the Goldbug.

            This was a usual activity for the two, and one noted as being inconsistent with recent findings as it was not previously known that cuttlefish and stingarees would drink sea water. However for the purpose of storytelling, they did indeed and did often drink the sea water. In fact, it was their most favourite activity right after swimming, hanging motionless in the water, and the all time number one: existing.

            Adventures did not come to these two fish often, but when it did they did not shy away. There wasn’t much to do in the sea aside from listening to Rosie and the Goldbug and surviving, so anything that broke the relentless monotony of ocean life was a very welcome break.

            The day after yesterday arrived, and with it the adventure that our two heroines were destined to undertake. It was a submarine, carelessly discarded by the cheeky humans above. This was something that many fish had never seen before, and its size was marvelled by those who had not seen it or a whale before. The current had carried the submarine right towards the sea bed owned specifically by Katie and Deirdre. They were in utter awe of this magnificent submersible that had found its way into their life.

            Wondering what to do with it next brought a heated debate between the two friends. Both were staking an individual claim to it, and neither wanted the other to have sole ownership of it; neither were they even considering the possibility of sharing. That was until Ethan happened to be swimming by and bellowed loudly at them. Quickly, Katie and Deirdre hid themselves inside the submarine so as not to let Ethan think that he was welcome in their company.

            Ethan was heard bellowing about outside and it terrified Katie and Deirdre. As much as they enjoyed his Claymation films about the adventures of a postman and his newspaper coloured feline, they had seen enough of them for one year. Through the maze of corridors they swam in order to escape him, looking desperately for somewhere to protect their forms from his sight. A small cupboard was open beneath a control panel in the control room and there it was that they hid themselves. While they were hiding and waiting for Ethan to lose interest and disappear, they pondered on what could possibly have sunk a vessel of this size? Why were there no crew members remaining? Most importantly, what caused the huge hole in the hull through which they had entered?

            Naturally that last question was the most perplexing, and at the very least, the most disturbing. Only one creature had ever been known to have possibly caused this much destruction: Leviathan. They looked at each other with utter disdain, knowing full well what this meant. The very ocean was under threat, and if Leviathan had been awoken then surely the land and the sky were in danger.

            After several hours of combing each other’s hair, they decided that Ethan had moved on, and so they decided to come out from their hiding place. Slowly and gently, Deirdre pushed open the door with her tentacles and tasted the water. Yes, Ethan had gone. Out they came and quickly went on their way to leave the submarine. What a sight it was that greeted them! Fifty feet from the gaping hole in the hull lay a beast they had never seen before. Its body was similar to that of the submarine they were in, except it had two massive wings stretching out. A single, massive hole was clearly visible on the top of the new metal beast.

            Katie and Deirdre were worried, they had heard of this before. It was written by the ancient fish of Sarcopterygii: “that if metal whales were to be sunk, and metal birds were to lay upon the surface of the bottom of the sea, then the day had come when all who had mistreated their habitat would be punished, and those who didn’t belong would no longer be allowed to remain; Leviathan would punish and remove. Those found to be impure would indeed themselves be taken away.”

            Of course they heard from those that were friendly with gulls that the feathered beasts themselves had a similar prophecy regarding the sky. It was said that on the day when the air and space has been treated to a level that none should have to witness that Ziz would come and smite those fouling the atmosphere. This is what they were led to believe had happened, for the gulls were in a panic and were chattering to all who would listen. Ziz had arisen and was destroying those in the air that did not belong.

            It was the gulls who reported that similar was being seen on land. A huge beast, known as Behemoth was tearing down all corruption in an act of wanton vengeance. It seems that the beasts were bringing to ruin those ruining the earth. This news reached Katie and Deirdre in superfast time, although they knew not what they should do, or even knew how they should act. Ant was happening past at this point, and he reminded them of their intelligent friend, the one who taught them and the one known as the keeper of the scrolls: Chris the Coelacanth.

            The girls swam to deeper ocean, towards the Cave of Teachings where it was said that the Sarcopterygii used to live. Here now was where all students of the teachings remained, and where Chris the Coelacanth spent his days, guarding the ancient texts. Upon arriving at the cave, the girls discovered that it had been deserted for quite some time. Everywhere was scattered the discarded remains of ships, tankers, fishing nets, submarines, aeroplanes and all manner of metal monsters that had been attacked by a something of innumerable dimensions and left here to decay.

            The girls called out Chris’ name in the hope that they would hear a reply other than their echo. After a while it was heard, and Chris came to them. They explained what they had had passed down to them, and Chris looked at them blankly. He responded saying that he knew what was going on as he had seen all the derelict manmade contraptions that were lying around. He went on to further explain that the Cave of Teachings was also where Leviathan lay dormant.

            All the destruction that was currently being seen was indeed the work of Leviathan. The humans, he said, had caused all this by their maltreatment of anything and everything they could in order to satiate their slothfulness. It was their apathy and their disregard for each other and every living thing upon the earth, above them in the sky, or below them in the oceans that triggered these events. All the wars, all the pollution, all the lies, all the hatred they spewed out onto the face of the planet in order to save their individual pride has brought about their destruction. The beasts have awoken, they are here.

            Chris took them back into the vaults and showed them excerpts from the human’s own texts, known as the Bible, the Torah, and the Qur’an. In each and every one the warnings were clear: the destruction would come upon those ruining the earth. Humans ignored this for centuries, thinking that they had the right to treat the earth and all upon it as they so wished. Now they were paying the price for their insolence. Katie and Deirdre were mortified: what would become of them? They too had found themselves carelessly leaving crisp packets around their patch of sand, and sometimes were guilty of playing Rosie and the Goldbug too loudly, much to the annoyance of their neighbours the Tangs.

            Chris put them at ease: they would not face the wrath of Leviathan. He was only interested in the mass destruction of his abode, the sea in which he used to play in with his creator. Happy times they spent together with the Kraken, and it was the humans who poisoned him. Kraken passed away, and Leviathan was outraged. His rage was such that it caused him to fall into a deep, deep sleep, a spell which would only be broken by continuous disrespect of the sea. If the humans did not correct their ways, and the alkalinity of the seas rose over a certain level, it would awaken Leviathan, and he would exact his vengeance upon those guilty of murdering his friend.

            In short, Katie and Deirdre had nothing to fear. They were the innocents of a vicious autonomy which held dominion over all. They had lived as only they had known how to do and were to suffer no more at the hands of the insensitive human race. Leviathan was to race around the oceans for twenty years cleaning it up and making it pure once more. After this time, no human would ever be allowed to enter into it unless specifically requested.

            And so it was that Katie and Deirdre went back to their patch of sand and began to combing each other’s hair. Several quaffs of sea water were made, and many dance moves to Rosie and the Goldbug songs were developed. Happy they were in their clear, open water, and joyous they were that their future was assured.

© Kris Blackburn 20/02/09


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