Questioning Philosophy

Looking heavenward for perhaps a meteor

Shooting star, comet and all and more

Beyond the galaxies through the stars

Beyond Mercury, Venus and Mars.


What lies beyond all that we know?

Beyond the sun and the solar glow?

Everything, something, or just not sure?

The secret to life or a pestilence cure?


Here stand I in my position

In awe of macrocosm

Is life beyond the furthest reach,

Or God relaxing on sunset beach?


Is heaven neighbouring paradise?

Or the aliens I can visualise?

Do stand I up there on planet afar

Questioning for the same closure?


Is there a me peering through telescope

Seeking answers through universal grope

Viewing rivers of crystal on a distant moon

Hoping we will all get there and soon?


Can it be said the truth is out there

Or just here or really anywhere?

Is it necessary to search or shall we wait?

Shall we leave our answers up to fate?


These questions are these in forethought

These questions are these that stubborn bought

No more rhetoric or compound disillusion

I wish to cause nature no more intrusion.


© Kris Blackburn 14/06/08



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