Words on Birds on Winds

I heard the words blown up by southern winds

Carried and accepted as if on birds’ wings

As they fly and they flit between the clouds

Sifting together as though lost in crowds


How am I to make sense of all this stimuli,

Especially when “I still love him” you cry?

All is good and well with that I suppose

Hark and listen to what I propose


I will not speak of what I feel

But this pain inside is real

It’s tearing me and I’ve nothing left

These pieces of me; I am bereft


Why will you not listen, listen to me?

Where’s my break, my chance to be?

I can’t go on from behind these eyes

Such is this that pain implies


Quelling the crushing with force of an ox

Crushing the quelling under force of locks

And I stand tall, not proud, but tall

And I let myself on that great fall.


Ah the calm, the rush, the endless light

The sleep, the rest, diminishing sight

My, my it’s warm, not as cold as thought

What lies are these that we were taught?


Farewell, hello, I’m sure I’m here

What’s come, what’s gone, what is this tear?

Why is your face all twisted so?

Was it not you who bid me go?


Should I have stayed but for what hope?

Which way pointed this particular slope?

How was I to know if you were not one or either?

So why care you that I disperse to ether?


You push and you pull and not even you know

Which direction you truly mean me to go

But that was where I found her there

In between it all, my darling fair


My new light, my utter delight

My energy, my returning sight

My wishful thinking I’m so sure

But could she really be the cure?


Just one sip is all I need,

Just a taste and I am freed

And here the locks just break and fall

The ropes are gone and I stand tall


I am proud and strong and wish you could see

That you failed to do what you did to me

The winds will no more carry a single word

For there is nothing you say that can be heard.


You’ve said enough before and how

You wish you could change what’s happened now

And how I wish that things were not so sore

I cannot fight what is in my core.


And these birds they fly and fly away

Towards the sun and a brand new day

And I’ve awakened from this state

No more to be consumed by hate.


© Kris Blackburn 15/11/10


20 thoughts on “Words on Birds on Winds

  1. Just one sip is all I need,

    Just a taste and I am freed

    And here the locks just break and fall

    The ropes are gone and I stand tall

    …my favorite part. i love the way the emotions changed at this part. i love the hope here. your rhymes are beautiful. i wish i could hear your voice reading it. xo

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