Glowing Prize

If my heart is just a broke machine

Am I not just still lost in dream

To think that you not from a portal

Could mend these scars considered mortal?


Not for one to take the risk

To take their tools and try to fix

The damage done by ones before

Ones closer, looming at my door.


Though not for me to try and prise

What you consider glowing prize!

And so you pry; eyes moving, still

Whirring, searching for your thrill!


I most truly must insist

If you my dear must persist

Along a path I find so jolly

A path I hope we find not folly.


Though I must wake when you sleep

You sleep when I wake and keep

A track on hours twixt the time

We next speak to each other online.


A modern day romance, fairytale?

Perhaps a story not yet stale

And I for one can’t wait to find

If love is really, truly blind.


Here though the unwelcome grounding;

Common sense prevails resounding:

I must fix my heart for myself, for me

Before I can allow the thing to wander free.


To love myself so that another can,

To realise yes, I am a worthy man

Of not just mine but another’s eyes

To be that wanted, glowing prize.


© Kris Blackburn 30/09/2015


3 thoughts on “Glowing Prize

  1. Awwwwwwww…………….”To realize yes I am a worthy man…of not just mine but another’s eyes… be that wanted glowing prize”…….yes you have to get there first! You just described my man in my eyes……you are hers too- but you first need to understand that.😊👍

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