Ecclesiastical Excess

Fitting of me comparing you this way;

Of course like most I strive to find a mate

Regale to liken to a summer’s day

How much more lovely and more temperate

Or brighter and more beautiful you seem

Like the feeling I am the antonym

Lost in this: not balanced, a walking dream

You though: stability, the synonym,

My song ecclesiastical; you are

Only a metronome by which my heart

Rhythmically endears though you live so far:

Growing fantastical, fast from the start.

A message so simple, for you my muse,

Never forgotten lest my flame I lose.


© Kris Blackburn 18/09/2015


7 thoughts on “Ecclesiastical Excess

    1. I decided to attempt a sonnet in iambic pentameter as it’s a lost and forgotten style. There’s also a secret message in there…as if my first idea wasn’t difficult enough

      1. Oh absolutely. I sometimes hide names in mine, or make very obvious references that only they would understand. Part of me hopes that this person both reads and doesn’t read my latest posts!

      2. Hehe
        Kris.. You are making me smile. : )
        Now I’m going to read each word so carefully to see if I can figure out your
        Sneakiness. Ha! Kinda like a word search! ; )

        I can guarantee she reads here. Probably more than you know. I’m sure your pieces have brought her so many emotions. If she does read
        your new post.. I’m sure it is a bittersweet feeling..

      3. I know she reads, she tells me. Whether she’s caught all the hints is another question, however!
        Good luck with that…there’s such a big, huge clue somewhere that tells you how to find it. Enjoy!

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