Of Music Making

My heart is this,

An instrument;

A drum perhaps:

It beats a tune

And thumps away

Morning, noon and night

All day.

It beats in time

A metered rhythm

Decrying the threat

Of indecision.

What tool be this

Of music making;

Songs my heart

Is now creating?




Awake, awoken








My heart plays

On and on



As the sounds,

Nocturnal mostly,

Are for you

When you are there

This sound

This song

This note

Is only when

We interact:

My heart plays for you

This misbegotten

Long forgotten chord.


© Kris Blackburn 16/09/2015



6 thoughts on “Of Music Making

  1. I love how you represented your love for her.. How you only play the euphoric music for her.. Very cool!

    I don’t know how it happened but somehow I haven’t been following you. I was wondering why I haven’t seen anything from you lately. I do most of my reading on my Ipohne and my hands are clumsy. I accidentally hit unfollow at times… It’s hard since it’s such a small screen.. I’m sorry!

    1. That’s ok 🙂 people have busy lives, I don’t expect all of my posts to be read!
      The poem reads that now I’ve finally learnt that song again, that again it is singing that forgotten song. Thank you 🙂

      1. Well…
        It’s not anywhere near as simple as all this. I’m milking the poetry for all it’s worth in the meantime though. There are a few recently, stretching back the last week or so on here on the same subject. Almost like a poetry diary of my feels!

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