Dirge to Realisation

What might have been will never be

What could have been we’ll only see

As if in a mirror, reflected

Looking on a love neglected.


A photo of a time all in sepia tint

Nary an inkling, not even a hint

That if I loved you and if you loved me

There would be more waves on the mighty sea.


And now each as one and a separate;

Nostalgic sentiment lying desolate

Can see with eyes all freshened anew

Awoken to doing what we had to do.


Because if I loved you if you loved me

There’d be more fruit on the old fruit tree

And a light would shine in the darkest place

And that light would find our hiding space.


And that light would cherish all promises

Made in truth and seriousness

But barefoot walking across the sand

There is no one now to hold my hand.


© Kris Blackburn 15/03/2014


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