Echoes of Life

If we could imitate our life

And live it as we so wish,

We could live life free from strife

And not put up with this.


Our siblings could be ours by choice,

Our friends because of chance;

We could choose our very own voice

And we could choose romance.


I can hear my life resounding,

Echoing down through time

I can hear my life rebounding

Making the Great Clock chime.


No one lives in Memory Palace

But their echoes shake the walls

I wish my life to be free from malice

And I will watch the Palace fall.


I’ll reside here on Memory Lane

With all its shops and stores

We can’t choose someone to blame

But we can still close the doors.


The waves will wash with a righteous feel

Life can take its time with fate

Memory remembers what does appeal

While life’s echoing comes too late.


© Kris Blackburn circa 2002


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