Testament to a Sentimental Lamentation

Oh those were the days I recall

When life seemed inside four walls

Oh how I’ve seen much more

Oh how I’ve felt so sore.


As bad as they were I cannot complain

I mused on those times again and again

They shaped my life and shaped me today

Shaped the things I do, the things I say.


I mourn the one who hurt so much

I mourn the one never touched

I praise the meek, quiet and bright

I praise the geek, ‘tis my delight.


Oh woe is me and fie on them!

Fingers pointed but no blame

I’ve made my peace I’m happy now

At my feet I humbly bow.


Praise be to me for coming through

Thanks be to me for meeting you

And here I am, I’m standing tall

I broke out of those four walls.


Happiness is something I can’t lament

Sadness be gone, depression repent!

No use here for you anymore

So give up knocking at my door.


I’ve learnt to live and rightly so

Learnt the things I want to know

On I go forever to continue

Hand in hand, blessed be you.


Oh those were the days I recall

People strived to make me feel small

And these are the days I place emphasis

I’m happy for that, I’m happy for this.


© Kris Blackburn 20/06/08


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