Share my Thoughts

We imagine a touch, gentle caress

Send an image to the mind impress

It’s not your fault I long for you

Or you for me; it’s what we do.


Thoughts yet here when you are not

Lingering ne’er to be forgot

Words shared not for a day or two

And yet I will still think of  you.


Each day a new imagined future

It’s simple, false; a faltered suture

I sense a soul to which I’m drawn

It’s one who is like me forlorn.


No tactile comfort: circumstance

The fault of land and sea expanse

These words you read and feel and hear

Are illusions of my being near.


I want you now to think on this

I want to be your simple bliss:

Though we do not share the night

We share stars and share their light.


© Kris Blackburn 10/09/2015


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