Intimately Invented

Almost home and I look to check the sky

It’s then that I notice that I

Am trying to look up there for you

As if you’re made up of a few


Hundred million balls of gas

That over time have come to pass

A judgement that which we won’t know

But still find dancing in this show.


So are these stars inventors

The things that did invent us?

Are we born of cosmic dust

This carbon ne’er to rust?


I’ll want you to want me as I want you

As you wanting me the way I want you to

Is just the way you want me wanting you

It’s waxing, waning, wanton, true.


I’d look deep into your eyes

Enjoy the lust they symbolise

As your eyes look deep into mine

And I am drunk but not on wine.


Such a sparkly fuzz, a moan out loud

Like shiny stars behind a cloud

That invented you and invented me

And have me craving this intimacy.


© Kris Blackburn 09/09/2015




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