Reflection of Entitlement

Me delivering a reading of this poem. Apologies for the poor quality.


The plants spring forth from the earth to form a garden

Blowing in the wind they err on the side of caution

Delicate debate; a choice to linger on the whisper

Happy is he who dares; how glad I am I kissed her!


Water from a spring flows as verses from a scripture

Words so true and lucid when spoken form a picture

My eyes are the key to this chi of my confession

My mouth is revealed to be my aura of obsession.


I long for this forever lasting, oh you I cannot lose

You’re my light, my world, my reason, my muse,

My pen stroke, my thoughts, my rhythm, inspiration,

This happiness within me offers up my dedication.


The collision of the oceans against this land where we stand

The rain that patters on us as we walk here hand in hand

Ultimate reflection entitled from the planets oh so far

Will always send my love to you no matter where you are.


In all the thoughts of everyone in the history of mankind

There is a feeling one should feel and it’s one we all should find

This feeling that you are complete when once was something wishing

The warm volcano from inside when that piece of you you’re kissing.


© Kris Blackburn 05/09/08


17 thoughts on “Reflection of Entitlement

  1. “Words so true and lucid when spoken form a picture”

    …this poem is perfection. I can’t stop reading it. i’ll be saying it my sleep. ❤️

      1. Very cool.. You spoke so calmly and made it flow perfectly. I think you should do more and more of your pieces like this.

        It’s always nice to hear from the person who penned the piece. I think it brings such a personal touch. No one else can deliver it like the author. I think you did an incredible job! Perfect!!

      2. Haha…. I love your accent. Your voice is calmer than I imagined. It’s very soothing.

        No one ever thinks they have an accent.
        I never think I have an accent. However, people always tell me, “Oh, I just love your accent!”

        And these are people from the same country as I. I’m always confused by that.

        Guess, I talk very southern???
        I like to think I talk very cool 😉

      3. You have an accent to everyone not in your region! My accent is unique in that it’s combined to be a few from different parts of the country whilst still being inherently Northern. Imagine the size of the UK compared to the US, and there are so many different distinct accents in the UK. Then think about how many there must be in one state in US. You will have an accent if I heard you speak!

      4. Ahhhh…. You are full of wisdom 😀

        Kris, I’m a voice type of person. I think because I love music so much. Music moves me like nothing else. So people’s voices have a way of moving me too.

        When I’ve read your poems or stories I always imagine your voice. I knew you had an accent but I didn’t know it would be so calm and soothing. I am pleasantly surprised. 😀

        Don’t laugh.. Don’t judge.
        I always hate my voice on video.
        I try to not talk so southern or country..
        Which makes it worse.

        Here is a short 30 second video of me videoing my boys and nephew.

        Yes! My favorite word is Dork 🙂

        Do I have an accent to you?

      5. Kris!
        I’m dying! Dying! Dying! And dying some more.
        I imagine your voice sometimes when you respond to me… I can hear you saying,
        She is such a dork 🙂
        I don’t know why but it makes me laugh. Now I can hear your voice when you told me about Vanilla Ice.
        Dying :-). Thank you for making me laugh this morning 🙂

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