Tastes of Illusion

That watch you wear is barely keeping time

I felt tears and knew most of them were mine

Just a shadow in my peripheral vision

Incapable of making a sane decision.


I kiss her but always taste your mouth

Stirring twitchings deep down south

Goosebumps from a spectre unseen

Just a shadow where you’d once been.


Ghost of before unyielding sigh

Chill of the wind as you pass by

Forever belonging deep within

These are not your hands upon my skin.


She calls my name I hear your voice

I’m locked in something not by choice

I smell your hair when in my grasp

Is nothing more than mere green grass.


Unfazed by this most welcome intrusion

A kiss again tastes of illusion

Unsettled, unnerved I seek to find

Memories of you buried in my mind.


I wander the halls and open the doors

I look over falls and call over moors

In all of the rooms in all my mind

You are in the one that’s painted kind.


I smile at you, you smile at me

Nothing can break this memory

I slide to you and hold you near

I feel your breath teasing my ear.


It feels not right and quite obscure

An emotion painting me unsure

As I blink once I can then see

I’m back in cold reality.


A world once held is now consigned

To the far recesses of my mind

And hard enough it is to live

When you it is I am not with.


© Kris Blackburn 17/03/13


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