Funny Pictures

One Sunday morning I sat drawing

Whilst the snow outside was thawing

And the funny thing is I can’t even draw.


Well this winter season

Had given me a reason

As the trees look pretty in the snow.


Then my hand was shaking

And my pencil started breaking

When I realised I wasn’t in the know.


Although pretty soon,

After you walked in the room

That I broke down and began to let it show.


So your gave me your pencil

And your favourite stencil

And pretty soon my skills began to grow.


But I could not get started

Because I was half-hearted

But soon the pictures all began to flow.


Well all my imagination

Has it’s own explanation

And becomes a little stone for me to throw.


You say my funny pictures

Leave you quite in stitches

Then you turn and look and say “I love you so.”


Now I want to justify you

But instead I just defy you

As I decide it’s best if I should go.


And so you sit there crying

And you say “don’t be denying”

As three times outside a cock does crow.


This burden I could not carry

So I said “let’s marry”

As I knew you’d say the opposite of no.


Husband and wife we became

Until shortly my fame

Was there on show for all the world to know.


Within each and every picture

I’ll always be with you

So you’ll never have to feel alone.


It’s funny how these pictures

Come from tiny little twitches

From the feeling of your love below.


© Kris Blackburn 25/08/2015 (original version circa 2003)


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