My Muse, My Bathos

Now, I stare at this blank page

For what seems just like an age

And I hope and wish and pray

That you will appear some way.


No face, no words, no name:

Unsettling, not the same

Once it was that all I’d do

Is type and there I’d find you.


It’s getting harder to find

You still right there in my mind

Maybe now the time has gone;

I am truly moving on.


I will never forget your face,

Your voice, your smell, or your taste

The way we kissed, the way we were

But now you become a blur.


I loved you, I’ll love you

No matter what we do

No question, for always

Until the end of days.


Funny how things turn around

You had me float from the ground;

No ocean I wouldn’t swim across

Now you instead become my bathos.


You always, always were my muse

My song, my lyre, the one I’d choose

If given the choice I couldn’t refuse

Not one moment I’d want to lose.


My muse you go and I have naught

But pathos and a lesson taught

A lesson learnt and a broken heart

Because we choose to be apart.



© Kris Blackburn 24/08/2015


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