Instead, a Reminder

I’m not sure if I’ve been told

How to search for all that’s gold

Where to look, who to ask

What’s my quest, what’s my task?


Should I walk along this road

Should I lick the poison toad?

Where are you when I need a guide

Where do you seek when I choose to hide?


If I chose to sit down here

Beside a river crystal clear

Or over there beyond that hill

Just looking for some time to kill


Would I stay lost and stay unfound

Or find a life instead unbound?

Stand I may upon that hill

And find instead a better thrill?


Should there be a convalescence?

Yes, you nod in acquiescence,

Accepting all that I should do

I have a plan; to see it through!


My aim, my goal, a life recital

No choir or chorus non-requital

No rhyme or tune I find doth chime

But on my side instead is time.


The fault I find is that I look

I search, I seek, and I forsook

That which makes me who I am

And need to be: My biggest fan.


So I will not look too much

Or read a map and seek to touch

That which is hidden from my eyes

Until I come to realise:


We’ll find a way to find each other

A way to find our hearts to smother

But if I’m found to want to find her

I’ll read this instead, a reminder.


© Kris Blackburn 23/08/2015



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