Calliope Sings the Weather

Oh how this rain it thunders so

Hard and heavy at my window

Such wind is such an entourage

A howling, wailing voice at large.


This weather when so late at night

Inspiring me to sit and write

And forsake music so that I

Can hear the sounds that make me fly.


I’ll type more words on this screen

As I sit and smile while so serene

With Calliope tending to my fingers

Tenderness testing she who lingers.


Each gust of wind, each drop of rain

That patters down and shakes the drain

The trees that rustle so leaves interlace

Enhance my wish for we to embrace.


This sound, this moment, I’m in this now

I question, query, wonder how

With you so distant, so far away

How come you come to mind this day?


Calliope speaks to answer me

Voice carried through leaféd tree

To test and watch as I toil

And shuffle along the mortal coil.


Rain persisting now even louder

Wind rustling the trees much prouder

Calliope sings, a vision is shown:

You and I in places unknown.


Whether at night or in the day

Calliope’s weather gets its way

You loved the rain, as I do too

Meaning I can never forget you.


© Kris Blackburn 23/08/2015




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