On Thanking Inspiration

Sometimes you want to sit and write

It could be morning, could be night

And you sit and think and think and sit

But nothing comes out, not a bit.


I sometimes know the words I wish to say

I just can’t put them down in any way

On paper, online, or even on screen

Even though writing keeps me serene.


The words they fly around my brain

Unfettered they are driving me insane

And sometimes you make sense of them

And send me reaching for my pen.


I know the words I want to write

I knew them then before tonight

I’ll know them when the morning comes

But to write, ah, I am all thumbs.


Sometimes I see the words you write

To me or whoever has the sight

And it makes me think about my text

And if I post, what comes next.


I thank you for helping me to find

Some sanity within my mind

With me trying to catch these thoughts

You bring them down and keep them caught.


You make me laugh and make smile

And all I’m thinking all the while

Is how I could make you laugh the same

And smile when I come into frame.


It’s really the very least I could do

Except maybe this thank you

Because inspiration is hard to find

But you offer, and you’re so kind.


This sounds so muddled and it is, it’s true

So here, have a compliment in lieu:

No matter how you look or where you go

You’re my muse; that you should know.


© Kris Blackburn 19/08/2015


7 thoughts on “On Thanking Inspiration

  1. you kriswasp, have a beautiful mind. if there is someone out there that can take your wild unkempt thoughts and bring them into focus…a muse…that inspires and gets you reaching for your pen…then either you are one lucky son of a bitch or she is one lucky girl. who knows…probably both. i hope you both write many more beautiful words together. xo

    1. This is more for everyone and anyone who has ever inspired me. Some people do it without realising and you just happen to be lucky enough to pass through their life at just the right time

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