Orion’s Sympathy

Staring silently at the sky

The light gleaming in my eye

Celestial bodies effervescent

Telling me you are heaven sent.


Beady pearls on this dark night

Orion holds me, keeps my sight

And I look on and I enthuse

That I have found another muse.


Your face need never be next to mine,

Our clocks need never tell the same time

If I be so bold I must be braver:

I ask of you just this one favour:


Tonight, wherever it is you are,

Whatever time or however far,

Look up towards the sky when dark

And see Orion and feel my heart.


© Kris Blackburn 18/08/2015


7 thoughts on “Orion’s Sympathy

  1. I’m partial to this because, for one, Orion is my favorite constellation. But this poem also shares a sentiment I’ve expressed with someone in the past. I don’t know how to describe it, it just really resonates with me.

    1. I’m very pleased to hear that. Orion is my favourite too. I’ve used it in a few other things that aren’t ready for WP yet. Something very special about that belt that even the ancients could see

      1. My novel I’m working on is actually a SciFi Novel titled “Orion the Hunter”. But it’s still in it’s earliest stages.

      2. That’s what I’m doing with Covenant of the Paladin. It’s kinda my attempt to sharpen my style before I begin Orion. I’m keeping Orion close to the chest for now until I figure out all the details. It’s my baby in a lot of ways and I wanna do it right.

      3. That’s exactly how it should be. Brood on it, test the water with other projects. Flash fiction is a tool I find very useful. Also I really enjoy writing them!

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