If I Try…

It never seems so much,

As you don’t seem to change

And we talk as such

So it won’t seem strange.


But we can’t realise the pressure

And we can’t see the pain

We hold not one vendetta

So we won’t be the same.


Someone has to stand

Someone will definitely fall

Let’s all lend a helpful hand

So we can hear the call.


If I try because I want to,

If I try because no-one else will,

If I try because of you,

Will the world stand still?


When we see what has happened

Will it be alright again?

Or shall we stoop to reach the challenge

And make a name for ourselves again?


It’s not as easy as it is hard

But we can’t stick together

And we are always on our guard

Always, because of each other.


But can we make a difference

Or will it not matter

If we solve this indifference

And sort out this matter?


If I try to make a stand,

If I try to make a mark,

If I try to lend a hand

Will we still be in the dark?


We hope not, yet we don’t try,

All we do is sit right back

All we do is sit and cry

All we do is turn our backs


And forget about what’s happening

And we all do it, every single one,

It’s like we just aren’t listening

Because we don’t care what’s done.


Shall we all make a stand?

Or shall we fall together?

Shall we try to lend a hand?

Or shall we be stubborn forever?


If I try to make myself heard,

If I try to make myself known,

If I try to help the world,

Will I be left alone?


© Kris Blackburn 22/08/2001


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