Brief Escape

Caught atop a tall tree branch high

Where insistent hands can touch the sky

And open wide eyes can see for miles

To droopy mouths turning to smiles.


Caught I was and found was I

Here atop this tree branch high

Naked aloft on peak of tree

Trying to see all I could see.


Passing clouds and singing birds

Talk with tune and not with words

I’m learning songs unheard by man;

Freedom brings what no one can.


I look for this and look for that

As if for treasure marked on map

And a smile I crack as I can see

You trying to make your way to me.


I turn my back and I think away

To thoughts not leading me astray

But I turn slow to try and hear

Your sounds approaching to my ear.


Trying to be so aloof aloft

Turns my heart so weak and soft

That when your fingers touched my skin

I fell then melted deep within.


All caught I was and now I’m clothed

In binding fabrics you interwove

With your love, your purity and your grace;

A love surpassing the edges of space.


As happy as I ever thought I was

Doing as an unfettered one does

I wasn’t as happy as being free

And being brought back to reality.


© Kris Blackburn 27/02/13


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