Our First Kiss

I really just want to hold your hand

While running fingers back through your hair

Simply so I can kiss your forehead and

Show you how much I truly care.


Here we sit, we two, arm in arm

By the docks looking out to sea

The water so still and softly calm

Like this moment for you and me.


Meekly a rain lightly does fall

And we arise to head for home

As the night grows cold yet all

I feel next to you is comfy warm.


We walk a ways as I walk you to your door

As this rain makes sodden our every mile

And you look beautiful all the more

As the rain drops drip down past your smile.


At your house we lie in soft embrace

A moment ne’er felt as right as this

As I look upon your smiling face

And slowly instigate our first kiss.


What taste is this when our tongues meet?

Such a rush! Oh fantastic bliss!

Never could anything taste so sweet

Passion coursing from one small kiss.


Just like when we walked back in the rain

Asking me why my speech was dormant

It was that there were no words to explain

How I could fall in love from so small a moment.


But love it was and it was here to stay

For many more years and ups and downs

And the hurt and all the joy along the way

Every happy smile and judgemental frown.


Six years on I think and remember

One thing lingers and I write on this

My fire burns hot for you ne’er to ember

All from the power of our first kiss.


© Kris Blackburn 15/08/14


5 thoughts on “Our First Kiss

    1. Very kind 🙂 this is really difficult for me to read, one stanza in particular gets me. Memories are powerful things, and although the moment in question happened 7 years ago, it feels like yesterday

      1. Writing from experience can often be the most powerful. I’m sure your experience was very emotional and that emotion translated in the writing. Great job!

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