Elegance Drawn

Your life plays out as words from scripture

Reading elegance drawn out as a picture

Sounds and voices lessening intentions

Transcending time and space dimensions.


Covering feeble, sounds of a wanderer

Casting imaginings, showy as a conjurer

Spritely belongings taming a fortune

Autumn shading falling in mid-June.


These lines all enriched with passion on sight

Receive natures blessing by casting first light

Devoured within and behind not beyond

As myriads of angels erupt into song.


As waves upon waves as lines on a page

This wisdom is ours and yet seems so sage

When at once and at last a curtain descends

Not drawing to close, not bringing to end.


Instead but to hide and to cover us both

As one eyes would widen at this instant growth

And yet it falls down before your wide smile

You took what you need with subtle bred guile.


So cosy this seems and bounded we are

To come as we did we travelled so far

To come as we have we love to admit to

As bodies we lie together in situ.


© Kris Blackburn 02/03/13


2 thoughts on “Elegance Drawn

  1. This is intense. The takeaway seems intensely personal, but I’ll say this… I love the flow to it. It’s very easy to read and each line flows into the next. Great piece.

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