The Forest’s Charade

All plants in the water and leaves in the stream

By morning have faded behind veil of a dream

On a rock there I sit as I think of the light

On a rock there I sit and I wait until night.


I can read in the stars what I read in your mind

I can see far ahead and I see what’s behind

All branches protruding, grasping forward reach

A breeze entices gentle as a siren’s speech.


These leaves would rustle in silent mist

Or fog enshrouding as we would reminisce

A reminder hollow of memory near

As angels sing we give them ear.


A forest so still in dead of night

All birds would sing in quiet light

Ne’er to break the canopy high

A breeze as soft as your love sigh.


An embrace so real as the dream would fade

Lucidity breathing past the forest charade

And we entwine like branches and plants

Laid on the grass all rapt in a trance.


As the moss slowly grows in the direct sun

And the birds will sing and the bees will hum

Within all the forest as it’s sensing you free

I can forever pray that you belong to me.


© Kris Blackburn 22/02/13


12 thoughts on “The Forest’s Charade

      1. Thank you very much 🙂 I hope so too! Two days ago, I had 6 views, 2 visitors. Today is much better, I think, but I have churned out 4 new poems in 2 days!
        I really appreciate the plug! I’m intending on re blogging your ‘Forbidden’ if that’s ok?

      2. Oh wow wait until you hit the hundred mark! It is very excited and I’m happy to help. Your pieces deserve an audience.

        Yeah of course. But again – it is really not great. I don’t think it deserves a reblog haha. But, thank you (:

      3. I’ve had 50+ once. That was cool. Most views stands at 168 because I posted like 15 poems and short stories! And I push on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!

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