Eulogy to Nameless Anyone

Selected by others, chosen by one

Delighting just several, cast aside gone

Caught in a spiral, falling far down

Reaching for far off elusive crown.


Fingers groping, catching naught

Exhausted after bloody war fought

Battered, broken, beaten, bled

Falling from stranger’s to stranger bed.


All in haze, eyes unadjusted

Awake again yet always flustered

Too much pride and too little sense

No chance left for penitence.


A shadow of a chance, failure of a dream

Disillusioned by people not as they seem

Such lies have cost the hope you had

The talent you lost will make others glad.


This was life, this was no game

Lonely funeral where no one came

A book of your life could read so dear

Instead its a eulogy for no one to hear.


© Kris Blackburn 03/03/13


6 thoughts on “Eulogy to Nameless Anyone

      1. It’s something I’d thought about for a long time. I’ve had so much surgery (and a rare type of ‘thing’), that I wanted to give something back. Then when my daughter’s dad passed away in November, and seeing her struggling with the arrangements, I finally signed up. No funeral, no costs 🙂

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