I Know

Thump thump thump It beats and I don’t care how I just care that it beats And funny how you say That it beats wrong When mine never beated right Anyway. Anyway. I’m sorry. You may not forgive me I may not deserve it. My rhythm bears no beats As broken as those That we beat… Read More I Know


I sit still in heavy showers Thinking by myself for hours The rain it keeps me company Soothing all that’s wounded me.   Empty thoughts enter my mind I forget all that’s been unkind And drift away to another place While tears of rain run down my face.   I am not worried, I am… Read More Moment

Funny Pictures

One Sunday morning I sat drawing Whilst the snow outside was thawing And the funny thing is I can’t even draw.   Well this winter season Had given me a reason As the trees look pretty in the snow.   Then my hand was shaking And my pencil started breaking When I realised I wasn’t… Read More Funny Pictures