Our Correspondence

Characters flying through the air

Invisible, unseen yet still they’re

Coming, coming to you and to me

Flashing our device for us to see.


A smile breaks, my face so bright

Unlock the screen, it comes alight

I read the things, these things you say

I send things back, on their way!


Oh what crazy things we people are

All unafraid yet showing scar

And one in a million or even more

Can get their foot through the door.


It was closed you know, I’d had enough

Sick of the pain and feeling rough

Tired of thoughts of inadequacy

Yet what is it now coming over me?


Overthinker be I, overthinker be you

Habitually happen to misconstrue

Many and much and more and most:

Here at the feast resides a ghost.


Moderation my dear, my sweet,

Patience is key, one day we’ll meet

And to see your face and kiss your lips

The thought! My stomach flips.


I’d write more but a text came through

Of course my dear, it is from you

I’ll send this now it’s on it’s way

If only to bring joy to your day.


© Kris Blackburn 09/09/14


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