Candlelight and satin sheets

The pounding sounds of your heartbeats

The silky touch of your milky skin

Quashing the doubts that lie within.


And no one should hope to find us here

And no one should mean to find us here

And we will stay together embraced

Wrapped in passion quite encased.


Entwined like branches; throes of ecstasy

Outside forces no complexity

Your lips touch mine and that’s all I need

No more encouragement to take my seed.


Your mouth is soft, your tongue is warm

May this continue through to dawn

Alas the tingles cease my functions close

I release the tension from my toes.


Satisfaction; what a wave

To your body I am a slave

But right now I must needs have sleep

Whilst our passion runs ever deep.


© Kris Blackburn 16/08/12


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