Elegy to Hopeless Endeavour

I’ve got so much to say I said

Although I said it in my head

No one around to lend their ear

No one around these words to hear.

I’ve so much to give I said aloud

I stood up tall and straight and proud

But alas there was not a soul to hear

Not a soul and I’m alone I fear.

Would you listen if I spoke to you?

Would you not judge or laugh or mew?

Would you listen with you head and heart?

Would you stay and let me start?

Could you heal by being strong

When I feel like I don’t belong

When I start to stand through it all

And succumb to the inevitable fall?

Will you pick me up and dust me down?

Turn upside down my stupid frown?

Will you hold me close and not let go?

How can I trust you, how can I know?

I’m not worth time nor your lies

Your longing look behind false eyes

Spare me false hope and misdirections

Save my soul for my reflections.

Would you hold me when I push away

Though I have nothing for you to stay?

If you say yes then you may just be

Someone as broken and as lost as me.

Kris Blackburn 27/07/2015


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