Subtext Analysis

Oh how cruel this insanity!

Inspiration my sweet gravity

Collapse beneath, fall to down

Cherubic smile to cherubic frown.


But walk upon and raise your eyes

I know. I know. I hear such lies

They pass my lips as much as yours

I pass through one and many doors.


Parchment please, and pens also!

What subtext this here down below?

Oh I speak such fast, fluent Freud

What instincts have I employed?


Bestial fortune Darwin speaking

Quizmaster general answers seeking

Searching yet having all the while

Cherubic frown to cherubic smile.


I pass on once and not a second

Tertiary choices logic beckoned

Oh wait for me what once I had

This life walks on all dark garb clad.


Retrospection nostalgia curse

What once had could not be worse

No green grass on either fence

Will I find it soon, this recompense?


© Kris Blackburn 19/09/12


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