Of a Mind Erratic

My feet kept me walking

My mouth kept me talking

The moonlight, oh the light

What vision, what a sight!


Reality, truly, or imagined state?

Static here am I or blank slate?

As night sky watches over all

I listen, where, can I enthral?


I walk, I think, I’m sure I do

I talk, I think, I hear it’s true

Oh stasis, symptomatic

Of a mind erratic.


Searching all night, is it still dark?

Images clear, such stasis stark

I seek to see your face near mine:

I’ll search all night in sweet moon shine.


One thing I know despite my ramble

My mind still sharp like briar or bramble

My heart still burns for love not found

So still I’ll walk across all ground.


I don’t even know who you even are

If you live, you will live away so far

Yet I love you and you love me: it’s sweet

And how cruel it is that we shall not meet.


© Kris Blackburn 27/07/2015


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