I Thought I was Tired

I thought I was tired but I’m still awake

Mind not racing, nothing here at stake

Just awake, body tired, mind quiet

Words to type, something, not a riot.


I thought I was tired but I’ve just had enough

Of people, of trying, of love and all that stuff

Is that not a mantra to protect my ego

Because I just keep getting left alone?


Yes I know I chose to not be with you

Or you, or you, but you chose someone new

And you I’ve just met but I can’t say for sure

If I act out of fear, or pride, or something pure.


Strip it all away, strip it back and look maybe,

Could there be something I can’t yet see?

Desperation though, or am I in denial?

Is this just a joke or a serious trial?


I can’t trust my head and I can’t trust my heart

Can’t trust anything that’s falling apart

So I can’t trust you, and you can’t trust me

And that’s just the way it will always be.


© Kris Blackburn 27/07/2015


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