Judas Incarnate

Your fake smile instead of sincerity

Won’t always be fooling me

Entendre behind words so fair

Are just to be the cross you bear.

Things you do become things you hide

Like when the galaxies collide

Are we a painting or every stroke?

Words and words are these you spoke?


Ego large and ego grow

Body crash on rocks below

Bough has broken, trust to fall

Ego grow and shrink so small.


A friend yet you just kept a part not,

Lo! revealed as Judas incarnate

Take this your kiss from off my cheek

You will not find what ‘tis you seek.


What was your price if not this coin?

Was it for love or just for loin?

Thirty pieces these all silver shining:

You sad fool you still forever pining.


What words are weak bespoken psalm

These words are swords to cause but harm

Beat them into ploughshares left unsaid

More damage done when quiet instead.


The truth spills on out like all matter forth;

Collision galactic tremendous force!

Now there is no saviour when your betrayal

Is all we remember of your sorry tale.


© Kris Blackburn 23/03/13


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