Fruits of Existence

Where on Earth is Mr. Sun?

It’s now well into the afternoon!

I bet he’s having a long lie in

After partying with Mr. Moon.


Wake up lazy life-giver person

Please spare me from this rain!

You’ve been asleep for far too long

So hang your head in shame!


The flowers are watered well enough

And I’m soaked to the bone.

Because you’ve been asleep ’til now

I’ve had to stay at home.


Come on Mr. Sun, show us your face

The weather is just spiteful

I don’t want to see the face of rain

Because its face is frightful!


Mr. Sun get out of bed,

Wake up, come on out,

We all need light from time to time,

The dark we can do without.


To live, love, lose and laugh,

Essentially fruits of existence,

To dote, date, hate and die

Shows up our stubborn insistence.


© Kris Blackburn 19/04/2002


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