Smoke Across the Equinox

Sitting by a stormy ocean everything serene

Staring at the night sky, whispering paraselene

Wistful illusions complete my paradox

Intrigue piqued by smoke across the equinox.


Why you are so far away is purely metaphysical

However accidental I’m feeling quite residual

As a Spartan warrior sparse on supplies

My eyes flicker as I wait for your replies.


Via satellites assistance we stay in communication

Every message I receive amplifies expectation

Of what I am to expect upon your return

Oh how your touch I desperately yearn.


I miss you more than Earth would miss Moon

The change of this tide cannot come too soon

Will it be the next wave that rolls you back to me?

Or some other device that my eyes cannot see?


If my eyes ceased through a fault in my cornea

The adage “love is blind” would be perfect formula

Although I might not see your smoke across my equinox

I would still feel your love completing my paradox.

© Kris Blackburn 14/09/08


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